• What is DC-coupled vs AC coupled PV?

    AC or DC coupling refers to the way that the solar panels are coupled or linked to the home's electricity system. DC (Direct Current)-coupled PV systems are generally more energy-efficient than AC (Alternating Current)-coupled systems, which translates into generating more power from the solar system.

  • Can I integrate the EP Cube into an existing PV system?

    Yes, the EP Cube is compatible to all existing PV systems.

  • Does the EP Cube have to be connected to the internet?

    Yes, the internet connection of the EP Cube is essential to allow monitoring with APP, to receive software automatic update and to maximize the accumulation of solar energy and make its consumption more efficient.

  • How does the system run in different operation modes?

    In self-consumption mode, the surplus power is charged to battery storage when solar generation power is bigger than household consumption, which usually happens during midday. And the battery storage is discharged to household appliances when the solar generation power is not enough. In TOU mode, the system adopts time-based control, providing best cost efficiency if your energy costs vary through the day. Backup mode reserve a portion of battery energy for backup at all time, providing additional security for your continuous power consumption.