• How to understand the NEMA 4X protection level of product enclosure?

    The NEMA 4X definition, as established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, is a rating for an outdoor electrical enclosure that has the following protective qualities:

    Includes a gasket designed to protect against liquid and solid ingress;

      Suitable for indoor or outdoor use;

      Resistant to corrosion;

      Protects against water ingress from rain, sleet and snow;

      Protects against solid ingress from airborne dust, debris, fibers, dirt and other foreign objects;

      Protects against damage from ice forming on the outside of the enclosure.

  • Are there any limitations with the stackable ESS?

    The EP Cube is only compatible with EP Cube Battery module only, maximum 6 battery modules can be installed. Connection with battery modules from other brands is not supported.