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Who is Eternalplanet

Eternalplanet is a consumer-oriented independent brand of energy technology under Canadian Solar, with independent design, R & D, manufacturing and global service capabilities. Eternalplanet always adheres to scientific and technological innovation and is committed to providing energy solutions for people and promoting the sustainable development of the world.

What has Eternalplanet done
With strong comprehensive strength, Eternalplanet gathers all kinds of talents, and most of them used to work in the top energy storage companies. Today, Eternalplanet creates, manufactures premium products and shows to the public in different forms.

EP Cube, as its first home energy storage system, adopts industry-leading technologies to provide all-round power backup for every household, with higher safety performance and more flexible capacity expansion. It enables people to store, use and manage the electricity generated by the grid and PV system, thereby helping them lower their electricity bills and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.
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And we never stop the pace over the energy solutions. In the future, Eternalplanet will continue to utilize technological innovation to build more advanced products and let more and more people enjoy the better life brought by renewable energy, ultimately getting rid of the dependence on fossil fuels and accelerating the world’s development towards sustainability.
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