About This App
The app is a free, intelligent and intuitive application used for monitoring the EP Cube energy storage system.

It allows you to monitor the real-time production or consumption of electricity, and manage your energy anytime, anywhere. Everything is at your fingertips.
One App for ALL
EP Cube integrates both user and installer accounts into one App. So, you don’t need to switch between different versions of the App for system commissioning and monitoring. Simply Log In with your account details to access relevant features.
Monitor Your Energy Consumption
The App’s home screen allows you to monitor real-time power flow, displaying how your PV, grid, and EP Cube work together to energize your home.
Understand Energy Usage Trends
App’s ‘Data’ screen allows you to analyze the historical data of your energy usage in terms of production and consumption. View your daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage trends.
Remote Control
Customize your EP Cube by setting up different operation modes according to your energy preferences. EP Cube supports TOU, Self-consumption, and backup modes.Remote updates will be available over time. These updates will make improvements to EP Cube firmware and EP Cube App.
One Click Service Request
Submit your product queries and contact one of our service teams through the app’s service screen whether it is about product installation, fault/maintenance, or complaint.
Commissioning Tool for Installers
A simple step-by-step process makes system configuration and commissioning fairly intuitive. The easy-to-follow process allows to set up parameters for Grid, PV, Smart Gateway, and Network.