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EP Cube Listed among the Top Solar Products of 2022 by Solar Power World


Lately, Solar Power World (SPW), an American media outlet specializing in solar power industry, picked up the top solar products of 2022, and EP Cube was included.




According to SPW, household energy storage batteries in the market in the latest years have nothing exciting on display, and failed to well satisfy users' demands in terms of capacity and battery technologies, while EP Cube “under truly modular designs makes energy storage more powerful, easier to install”.


They heaped praise on EP Cube through analysis on its characteristics, including: under all-in-one design, EP Cube has all wires condensed in the bottom plate; expandable capacity is affordable in this customizable EP Cube; each 3.3-kWh battery module in the EP Cube weighs around 70 lbs, which is much easier to install; the EP Cube’s metallic tint makes this ESS attractive enough to display outside anyone’s home, “The LFP-based system can be floor- or wall-mounted, and the entire unit is NEMA 4X rated — the highest outdoor rating we’ve seen for ESS.”


Out of sustainable and professional concern of the editorial team about relevant products, it's an influential and indicative list in the industry. EP Cube is rated their favorite household energy storage battery in the latest five years, suggesting that EP Cube has caused a sensation among leading media and consumers upon its entry into the U.S. market.