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Eternalplanet’s First Home Energy Storage System EP Cube debuts at RE+

On Sept 21, 2022, Eternalplanet launched its first home energy storage system - EP Cube at RE+ in Anaheim, CA. The product adopts an ultra-thin design with a six and a quarter inches main body at its thinnest, and supports parallel expansion to meet household electricity needs for around one week.


Home Energy Storage System EP Cube


UL 9540A Unit Level Test Certification

EP Cube home energy storage system uses LiFePO4 batteries for stabler performance. It has passed the UL 9540A unit level test, which can effectively prevent the thermal runaway of the battery. EP Cube is undoubtedly safe.



Flexible Expansion and Long-lasting Energy Supply 

The basic configuration of EP Cube is 9.9kWh. Modular storage design allows users to flexibly expand its capacity by stacking battery modules quickly. The capacity of a single battery module equals 3.33kWh. Each unit can stack with max. 6 battery modules, offering 19.9kWh in total. Up to 6 groups of enlarged units can connect in parallel to provide 119.9kWh of energy storage, meeting one week of electricity needs of most families.



All-Round Power Backup, and No Blackout for Your Home Anymore

EP Cube provides reliable power backup for your home in almost all scenarios. This product integrates a self-designed hybrid inverter and supports up to 16 Amp 4 MPPT connections to quickly store free green electricity generated by a photovoltaic (PV) system. It will automatically help you store low-cost electricity from the grid during off-peak times through authorized settings. The 24/7 monitoring function enables it to detect outages and energize your home seamlessly when the grid goes down, ensuring that the electrical appliances run as usual. In the near future, it will be compatible with generators for energy storage in case of a long-term power outage, avoiding the noise of nighttime power generation.



Smart Home Energy Butler

Due to its small size, you may not feel its presence in daily life, but you will always enjoy a life protected by this energy butler. With EP Cube's app, you can monitor the real-time production or consumption of electricity anytime, anywhere. When harsh weather is coming, EP Cube's smart app will remind you to store energy in advance. All is under your control.



Protect the Environment Better, and Create a Sustainable Future

EP Cube is compatible with both existing or new solar systems and will also be able to be connected with two 50A EV chargers, which can effectively reduce the waste of resources caused by hardware renovation. "The life cycle of our product is more than 10 years, which can minimize the impact on the environment. It can help users maximize the storage of green electricity generated by a PV system and then effectively reduce their carbon footprint. We are creating a sustainable future," said EP Cube's product manager.